Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Secret Pal Bonanza

Well - I hope he thinks so!!
Here is my final Secret Pal package - the 2nd parcel (sock + lace yarn) was lost in the mail, so I got him some KnitPicks to make up for it.
Items are: Wool/Silk from Mystical Creations, Wool/Silk from The Knittery, Beer-cap stitch markers from Etsy, my hand-made DPN roll (using Kaufman fabrics!), KnitPicks 3.75mm + 4mm points with a 80cm cable and their magnifying gauge.

I hope he likes them. He did ask for no hand made items, but thats a red-flag to a bull! I think the DPN roll looks really good, and so did The Boi. (He also whinged that he has a backlog of stuff I am supposed to sew for him hehe).
Here are some close ups of the roll...


karla said...

the roll looks great. your sp is crazy to not want handmade items. crazy.

Bex said...


elan said...

I think it looks great.

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