Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Last post for a while...

Although, I was going to title this "I'm a masochist".
I just got my 2ply merino laceweight (dont worry, I ordered it a while back) from The Knittery. LOVE!

Its actually got more black in it - the colourway was special-special made for me, called Blackberry! Its black, red and grey.
I want to make really thin gloves and was thinking 2ply would be the perfect weight.
Now i think maybe I may double-strand it. Still havent decided as yet.
The Boi and I leave tomorro for Melbourne. I think a visit to The Wool Baa and Sunspun is in order. No to mention the awesome fetish shops!
So we shan't be back until Wednesday next week.... Hope you all have a noice weekend!

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Lara said...

Have a great trip, drive safely, enjoy your workshops, and don't blow the yarn budget :)

If you can't manage all that, just have fun!

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