Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm back....

Melbourne was awesome, and where we stayed was great (Lygon St, Brunswick). I behaved myself, and only bought 1 ball of yarn, from an Op-Shop, that was $1.30!

The drive isnt that bad, its just long. As we crested a hill about 10.30am in the morning (30kms before Gundagai) we saw this huge fog bank, just sitting there.

It was amazing!

One thing I love about Melbourne is the culture and atmosphere. The graffiti rocks. Its soulful. I saw one that said "I love winter. The wind blows and strips away my soul."
I took a photo of this (BTW the texta says "The sentiments of bourgeoise gits reminds me that most art is sh*t")

We stayed with the Boi's friends, Lineke and Juno (from Amsterdam) in their huge studio apartment. Our bed was right near the pot-belly stove so I got to go to bed toasty each night.

The Boi finally got to meet some more of my family - my fav uncle, my great uncle and my cousin (as well as Nan) who all drove into Melbourne from Geelong. We had dinner in an alright Italian restaurant (I wanted to go to Lentil As Anything hehehe). Nan was in fine form after a double brandy, and split a bottle of wine with me. Shes still rockin on for a 79 year old!
Also got to hang out with my bestest mate, and we went to a cool queer club called Upstart Alley - Sparkarella was great! It was worth the entry fee just to see her.

Monday night we went to an AWESOME vegetarian restaurant called Shakahari (vegetarian in Hindi). Cant recommend it enough - super friendly wait-staff, fantastically flavoured food and nice atmosphere. They did these awsome entrees; avocado, wrapped in eggplant and fried in tempura batter - yummo! The dumplings were kick-a$$ too!

We left late on Tuesday morning (about 10am) to drive back. It took 11 hours including breaks and op-shop stops. Our op-shop tour of Australia continues.....

The Boi took this photo of me on the Otway submarine in Holbrook (400km from the coast) during one of our break stops....

We cant wait to go back again! In knitting content, I have done heaps on my Elizabeth Bennet Cardi, after a false start, and finished the cabled beanie (seen in one of the photos above). I found out that the sock pattern I had designed for a knitting magazine is no longer needed (they may not be doing another issue) so I havent touched it in disgust. I may finish it, I may frog it.

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Welcome back! I'm glad you had a good trip.


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