Sunday, June 17, 2007

Floods, mud, and wet books (the horror!)

Well, as some of you might be aware, the Gosford area in NSW was declared a state of emergency because of the flooding.

The Boi's ashram looking like this (thats a 2 storey building in the photo, and you can see the education building's roof on the far left).

We went up there this weekend just gone to help clean up the damage. The water got to 6 feet high in some places. They had to shovel the mud out by hand, and then use fire hoses to get rid of the dirt.
The Boi and I helped sort out their bookroom (a major source of their income). For a book lover, it was horrible!
Thick, hardcover books full of beautiful coloured pictures of Indian gods/goddesses had to be thrown away. Lovely children's books - in the bin.
We had industrial blowers in there trying to dry everything, but every last thing got water damaged. Hopefully the insurance will cover it, but they may not because it was a combination of river flooding and rain water flooding. I feel pretty bad for them.
I finished the Fetching mitts while I was there, and the girl I made them for loved them.
The swami who runs the place has asked me to knit a really soft beanie and a pair of socks for their guru, he comes over from India at Easter next year. I said ok :).
My flatmates, the Boi, and I went to Tamana's Indian food last night, and it was really really nice. Then we got gelati and sat in the park on the swings and just talked. I havent done that for years, and just something so simple was really enjoyable. Then we had a piggy-back race - I had to carry the Boi, and Tania had to carry Jai. LOL.
Talked myself into going to the gym this morning, and am really glad I did. Tis gonna be a nice day, I can feel it in me bones!

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Lara said...

Sounds like a weekend full of highs and lows. Thanks for the picture of the ashram, it was shocking to see the place like that. Hopefully soon you'll be able to post some pictures of how it looks after everything is back to normal.

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