Monday, June 04, 2007

Argh and Yay.

Argh = I thought I had better lift my game and work on the sleeve of my Dollar and a Half Cardigan. Did a few more rows, and noticed that the sleeve was really, well, triangular. I counted the stitches and had 90 (after only doing 3 increase rows). I was meant to have about 69 or so.

Ripped it back. Not sure how I did it - as I have the right amount of stitches on the needles now, i'm just gonna knit it straight to the armpit. The wrist ribbing draws it in heaps anyway.

Yay = I love this, from Fitted Knits.

I am also a realist. Chunky/voluptuous girls dont look good in short cardigans, with cables. I also dont have enough yarn hehe.

I have 800g of Bendigo Classic in Tuscan Red - a really nice, cherryish red (too bad its crepe, but i have to use my stash). Not enough to make this whole thing with cables (according to the schematics - 2100m for the whole thing, i have 1600m), but, I'm going to remove the waist ribs, and the body cables and make it plain to my hip. Also going to add waist shaping.

I like the sleeves the way they are, with the cables, so hopefully I'll have enough to do the whole thing. If not, no cables on the sleeve!

I cast on for a swatch last night - got gauge on my first go! The yarn is a bit splitty, but should be ok.


The book has me a bit stumped. I like a lot of the tops. I want to knit them. I would never wear them. I find myself contemplating making Short Sleeved Cardigan, or the Airy Wrap Around Lace Sweater - my reality check reminds me that I never wear lace, or anything wrap around. I just want to knit them! Sigh....

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missfee said...

Bex I have to say that looking at the book that is what I thought- love them but wouldn't wear them - to fussy and fiddly by far- great news on the $1 1/2 cardy progress

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