Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another one crosses to the dark side

The weekend after last, i managed to convince one of my Boi's friends to learn to knit.
He hadnt knitted since he was 12 (and is 33 now).

Got some squishy aran-weight Alps Merino in chocolate, size 5mm needles, garter stitch scarf and off he went. We went to the Courthouse SnB, but he admitted that he probably wouldnt touch it at home.

Got an SMS last night - "Help! Do you have more yarn? Just about to go thru the 2nd ball you gave me!"


After assuring him I did, I got this - "Great! When i'm finished I want to make socks! Lots of socks!"

And girls - he's single and queer*!
*queer, but into girls, pirates, My Little Pony, fiddle and miniture things.

Finished the pair of Dashing gloves last night, no photo because they are going to be a present for someone.
So-so-so close to finishing the first eva socks for moi - should finish them tonight. I'm going to type up the instructions and make a dyeing tute for The Anticraft.
Then I have to make a beanie for the Boi's friends birthday on Thurs - i want to make this, but in DK. I'm gonna use the Tapestry yarn i bought last week.

Really looking forward to this weekend of radical sex and politics! Camp Betty is on in Melbourne and we are driving down there on Thursday - yay!


Angie said...

Thought I'd stop lurking and say hello! I read your blog pretty often. Congrats on "converting" another one. Maybe someday the knitters will take over the world!

Bex said...

Thanks Angie!
I figure if i can convert one person a year, then that should be enough....
and you get extra points for converting boys!!!!

Bec said...

Knitters will definately take over the world!

Just a quickie - what is the Alps Merino Choc like? Contemplating it for a cardi and want to make sure it is the goods. Is it truly squishy? ;)

Bex said...

Hey Bec,

Its really similar to Merino Supreme - so yeah, pretty squishy!

Bec said...

Ta off to yarn shop ;)

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