Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Training and Court

I have to say, my court appearance was tre boring.
I sat in a long corridor with about a dozen other people for 2.5 hours (knitting of course) and then they said i could go home. They may need me another day but they'll let me know.
Good thing - i got the whole day off work (paid by my employer of course!) and I got to knit. I knit on the train to Penrith opposite another lady who has a Filatura De Crosa bag - she must be a knitter i thought! Sure enough, she pulled out a baby jumper and we had companionable silence all the way there hehe...

And then when I was at the court one of the ladies who worked there came and had a chat cos she was a knitter, and another lady came over to show us her crochet - Knitters Represent! LOL.

AND AND Penrith has a great Goth/Punk store on Station St (opp Spotlight). About $20 cheaper than Newtown (they had TUK and Demonia shoes for $100). I did buy something and spend waaaaaay too much. But the top was so cute and they had Tripp brand in XL so why not?

I'm in training all day today, day off tomorro to spend some time with the Boi (he's off to Perth for 10 days after his sister had a heart attack)....


Brooklynne Michelle said...

I have a pair of tuk shoes they are emily the strange maryjanes and the tread says get lost so I leave little foot prints that say get lost allover them...


They weren't to badly priced either 45 bucks!!


Bex said...

Gotta love TUK!

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