Monday, May 21, 2007

Random weirdness...

.....In some random weirdness, i'm on the front counter at work today (we take turns). I just finished serving some guy and show him where to pay. He then comes back with a photocopy in hand.

Him - "Excuse me - do you know Ephesians?"
Me - "In the bible?"
Him - "Yes, this is Ephesians chapter 3, verse blah blah blah blah...."
Me, taking a step back from the counter - "I'm sorry, i'm sooo not interested."
Him - "Ok, i'll just leave this here..."
Me - "No. Really. Dont."

What tha?? I'm at work psycho! Crazy!

And then I spied these shoes!!!! Must. Buy.Shoes....

Last night my Nundle Wool Mill shade cards arrived! So soft~! I couldnt believe how nice and soft their range of 4 ply in 'retro' colours are.
Definately think i'll be orderin some (once my UFO Challenge is up!)


Lara said...

Fabulous shoes! I SO can't wear heels anymore, but these are gorgeous.

Kristine said...


I literally just said that. In my head.

Michelle said...

Those are awesome, awesome shoes. Where can one acquire said shoes? I must know.

Bex said...

I bought them from Ebay - - they are Pleaser/Demonia brand shoes BTW... even the Boi said they were HAWT!

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