Thursday, May 31, 2007

Posting for the Disco Knitter

here is my tag....

1: I have lived in Geelong, Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville, Perth and Sydney. I've moved 12 times! (You think i'd have it down pat by now...)

2: My favourite colours are apply-green or teal green. But i never wear them. My ultimate favourite colour combo is Malabrigo in Applewood - pale pink, ivory and tinge of green.

3: Sometimes I dress up like a 50's TV housewife (aprons, pearls, stockings and heels) to do the housework.

4: I take my knitting with me everywhere. Literally. The movies, the pub, friend's house. You never know when you might have some spare time to knit.

5: I dont like pumpkin or beetroot. I'll pick it out of my food - its yuck.

6: I like Enya. Yup, the Le Tigre fan-grrl also likes Enya.

7: I have an Advanced Certificate in Rock and Roll dancing (my teachers were certified). One of the times when I miss my ex-girlfriend is when I want to go dancing.... The Bois not exactly co-ordinated (i'm not really co-ordinated either, but he makes me look good hehehehe). Oh, and i can do some of the hard tricks too, if my partners strong enough to lift me ;)....

8: I came out when i was 19, and my sister outed me to my parents on Xmas day (she was drunk). The only person I worried about was my nan - we're very close and I didnt want to lose that. I didnt care what anyone else thought (even my mum and dad). Turns out she was cool, mum was too. Dad had spent years being homophobic, and suddenly realised he had one in the family. We have never really gotten on, and I think it was a big shock. Its a non-issue now.
Coming out for me was rather easy, I just woke up one day and thought, I better tell my family. I knew it was my life and I'm fairly independant - if people freaked out that was there problem not mine.
My cousin Liam (aged 16) introduced me to his friends last year as "This is my lesbian cousin Bec". LOL. But he thinks its pretty cool and asks me for advice on girls.

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Lara said...

I used to get introduced by friends as "the Heterosexual". I didn't mind, as long as they never called me a breeder. Now I am one of those too.

The shame....

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