Thursday, May 03, 2007

Other news

Well, now i've calmed down a bit and plotted revenge in my head (haha)....

Lady Linoleum herself (from Monster Crochet, and author of Kooky Crochet) is coming to OZ! YAY!

And Bendigo Mills has a website! Finally!

Lastly, check this out at Amazon - What Would Jesus Eat? its a christian diet book. LOL


Caro said...

OMG!! Leapt str8 over to the Bendigo site . . . Heaven! Ta 4 the info. Great blog!

Michelle said...

Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that at least one of the recipes in that book features 'loaves and fishes'? I also wonder how many recipes feature locusts- they were a pretty staple food of the Israelites!

Bex said...

hahaha yeah!
Its a crazy book!

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