Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Attack of the Crazies!!!!

Oh this is my week for the crazy peoples.
Some of you may not be aware, but I am a bona-fid-e crazy magnet. If there is one in a 100m radius, they will be drawn to me. They will sit next to me, lecture me, stare at me, and no matter what I do they wont go away....

Take this morning. Homeless, possibly drunk man, having a conversation with himself - and then spies me on the crowded train platform. Starts to have a conversation with me AND his iPod (why did the homeless man have an iPod?). OK.
Smiled, nodded, backed away.

On the escalator at Coles near Town Hall. Crazy man walks up the escalator to stand next to me, and stares at me.
CM: "What happended to you???!? You're ugly!"
Me: momentary shock
CM: "You looked better from behind!"
Me: "Get fcuked, you fcuking w*nker!"
CM: "I've got bigger b00bs than you...."
Me: "Bigger a$$ too!"

Crazy man continues up the escalator muttering to himself.... off to use his powers for good instead of evil I'm sure....
sigh..... Since it comes in threes, hopefully that was my last crazy encounter for this month.

Knitting Content:
Well, my pal over at Creative Knitting is SCREAMING for patterns. So much so she's asked me for some (thats desperation). So i've dropped most of my projects and started 2 pairs of socks - really easy ones. With the help of Mary Thomas I shall succeed!
I wish I hadnt packed my Harmony Stitch guide because I would love to do some lace ones... I seriously doubt that people would knit my socks, so i think they'll be magazine fillers hehe...

Also thought about homewares - its for the Spring Issue - homewares = spring cleaning! I've started a knitted bathmat using a vintage sheet that I cut into rags and knit up (with other fabrics), and was planning on making some felted baskets. I want to make lids for them too. I worry that it might be a bit Mason-Dixonish, but my pal has assured me she wants to focus on the creative side of knitting, so its all good. (did i say they also pay $75 for accessories patterns? and $150 for garments! sweet!)

The deadline for The Anti-craft is looming too - gotta get my a$$ into gear and finish the socks and dyeing tute I want to submit for them... ARGH! So much knitting, so little time!

Oh, and I want to sew a dress as well. LOL.


Kristine said...

What an asshole! You looked super cute in your little pigtails. :)

Bex said...


mel said...

Bex, I'm sure that's the same rude bastard that I happened upon one day. I was on my way to work (at TC) and stopped at the coffee kiosk on the corner behind the QVB. He shouted "Take your effing ugly body away from me!" There was quite a group of people standing around waiting for their coffee and all I could think to say was "So I'm not as skinny as I used to be!" Bloody good way to start the day...

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