Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ahh... a stressful life for me!

Well maybe not me, but my poor Boi.

Hy's such a trooper. The Boi is off looking after his difficult sister in Perth, who's just had a heart attack.
Besides having to run around and literally do everything because she's not physically able, hy's had to deal with her denial of the situation. She's on fat blockers to stop the fat building up in her arteries again, so the doctors have told her now she needs to avoid sugar (she's diabetic). In her head this means = I can eat whatever I like as long as its not sugary, as the pills deal with the fat. She asked the doctors if she could go have Hungry Jacks - her surgery was 5 days ago.

She's had to quit her job and apply for sickness allowance, but still wants to keep her lifestyle, a gym membership and to get her nails done (when she asked the nurses if she could go back to gym next week they were shocked - she cant walk more than 20m without getting breathless).

So the Boi is there, trying get everything in place (i.e. Centrelink allowance, Dept of Housing set up, Salvation Army care, disease management etc), but hys sister doesnt want to think about it. It breaks my heart that hy is trying so hard to help, and its probably just going to collapse when he comes back the Sydney. We changed hys flight to come back this weekend because hy just can't take it anymore. I think I would have stopped trying after a few days, but hys strength of spirit amazes me.

And because i know hy could use it, I booked hym in for a massage and a facial next week. Its funny someone so butch loves to be pampered so much hehe.

In other news, I got my Secret Pal some Knit Picks needles for his final parcel (yeah yeah its not going to be sent for a while, but I like planning) some mini beer cap stitch markers from Etsy seller sunneshine, and some plastic skull stitch markers for moi. I have 2 silk-merino skeins of yarn, one in barley grass from The Knittery, and the other in green/rust from Etsy. And TimTams. Chocolate Mud Love Potion TimTams.
I'm still thinking I should make him something too - maybe a needle roll? Hmm...


M-H said...

It's hard when your rellos are such dipsticks. She makes her own choices and no-one else has to be responsible, but it's hard to feel that you can let them go sometimes.

Kristine said...

Poor Fin! Let me know when he's feeling refreshed; we'll definitely have that Games Night we keep talking about...

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