Monday, April 23, 2007

Yarn Pr0n!

Woot! Look what I got from Etsy seller MysticalCreations (no longer registered sorry).
At the back we have 2 different silk-wool blends - its as shiny and soft as the picture look. The left is pale blue, rust and beige, the right is pale green, green and deep red.
I only ordered one ball of the lace weight rayon boucle, but she sent me two! Too bad they are slightly different colour ways (the right has a kind of mustard in it).
I got the yarn to see if i liked it before buying more ($6.50 US a ball), but now she no longer operates! D'oh! One of these is for my Secret Pal, not saying which though!
NOTE - now that yarn swift is really going to come in handy!


Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

those are beautiful, sucks you can't get anymore. Love to see what you make from it. Stacy

Heatherly said...

oh! those are stunning! yum yum!

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