Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Super Secret Pal!!!

Thank you Secret Pal!!!!!!

I've wanted this book for ages!!!!! YAY!

Funny thing - I bought MY Secret Pal's book from The Book Depository as well. When i saw the package, i thought "Oh great, they sent it to me instead!"
Great suprise!! Thanks so much (one of the few books i'm NOT packing into storage :D)

And some baby's clothes pr0n.....

The jacket is the side opening one from Cleckheaton Book 948 - 10 Simple Baby Knits in 8ply. The hat is my own pattern. I used Holiday (yuk - until you handwash it in softner) beige and tweedy green. Booties are coming to match!


Lara said...

Super cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like it!!!!!!!!!

missfee said...

yippee for the book
good luck for the move
wool is shade 751 dyelot 39
7 balls

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