Monday, April 16, 2007

Stage 4 nearing completion

Stage 1 = pack everything i own into boxes while trying to decide what i cant bear to part with
Stage 2 = get a bunch of friends to help shift my packed stuff into a storage locker
Stage 3 = clean my old rental place
Stage 4 = reassemble furniture and unpack clothes, yarn etc....

2 whole days of packing, 2 days moving, one whole day of cleaning.... I'm glad its over. I now reside in Arncliffe until December (when i get back from India later on this year).

Overheard as my stuff was being loaded into the storage locker - "Wow. Look at all those boxes of wool and fabric. Theres like 50 of them. Its like the Great Wall of Yarn!". Gotta love my friends!!

In the meantime, i bought an oil-heater off Ebay for 99c! Yay! Gonna pick it up on Thursday i hope. I would like to rant about the 2 people who bought my yarn lots though - when i say Direct Deposit or Money Order only for Australian customers and PayPal only for everyone else, that means if you live here you cant PayPal me. Sigh. I had to return their PP payments this morning...

Now for some pics I found on my digital camera! These are from our Western Australia holiday last year ;) - stoopid Blogger - i cant get my pics and descriptions to line up.... sigh

OK - Pic 1 - Me and Scooner - my doggie that was 'appropriated' by my ex. Its a long and sad story I will save for another time. (excuse the dumb look on my face).
Pic 2 - The Boi - hy's whale watching. And yes, we did see whales!
Pic 3 - The Diamond Tree Lookout, near Pemberton. There are these metal spikes about a foot apart that go all the way around and up the tree.
Pic 4 - Me taking a pic of the Boi (i'm about 1/3 of the way up. Wearing Crocs. And tanked from the wineries we went to. Thought maybe i should come back down now).

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missfee said...

silly ebayers!!!
will bring your needles tomorrow to s'n'b and glad the move wasn't too painful

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