Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sock yarn pics 'stuff

Finally remembered my camera this morning - this is the sock yarn I dyed on ANZAC day. I skeined off the white and black, tied it tight in a couple of places (to get white fleck) and used red food colour to dye it red. I actually mixed a bit of blue and yellow to stop the red being so day-glow.
Now i'm thinking Leather Pride colours (being Leather Pride Month next month).
Tie off the skien in a few places for white fleck, and dye it dark blue and red. Hmmm...... The Boi could use some Leather Pride socks i'm sure!!!
Other news - Web-goddess got back from the US and was at the Tapestry Craft SnB last night - was lurvely to see her. (She also bought me some Kool-Aid back as well! She rocks!). And was in possession of 2.5mm tiny tiny Addi Turbos.


Michelle said...

Nice yarn! One of these days, I'll get into the whole dyeing thing.

Brooklynne Michelle said...

Hey bex sorry I never comment(I swear I thought I had on nearly 80 % of these :-p )

I love lover that sock yarn..... Its utterly gorgeous!!!! Great job!!!!!

Bex said...

Hey Brooklynne!

I never comment on yours (read you though) so i'm way more badder heheh

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