Sunday, April 01, 2007

One Monkey down....

And one more to go!! This is the Boi's foot, i have big hoofer feet and theres no way they would fit!

I got the recipient to try them on last night (with eyes shut) and they fit so all is well with the world... They are a bit tight getting them on over the ankle - may have to ask the KAL'ers on Craftster if anyone has the same issue.

The $1.50 is coming along slowly slowly. I kinda wished i hadnt done the whole asymetrical thing because i dont actually like how the cables looks... but i'm commited now!

I've been havong these manic moments where i've had 3 WIPs sitting in front of me, and i do 10 rows of one, 10 rows of the next one etc etc. I did that for like 2 hours the other day. I must be stressed.

Quiet weekend, went to the Courthouse SnB for a bit, lovely DiscoKnitter gave me some balls of Orange Zhiavago (the Boi has an obsession with that yarn), and then went shopping. Back to the daily grind i guess.
Oh, no, i have to pack today. I'm taking a half day so i can make a serious attempt at packing my sewing stash room. Trying to fit everything i want to take to my new digs into 3 containers suprisingly isnt as hard as i thought....

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M-H said...

I found the socks I made with feather'n'fan top like this were too tight over the ankle. I pulled the first one back to the ankle and reknitted the leg on the next size of needle and all was well. And... moving? huh? Did I miss that?emait

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