Monday, April 02, 2007

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Exercise Blog - I hurt. My thighs are constantly reminding me that they can barely push me around, let alone do squats with a bar across my shoulders. I went to the gym Sunday and Monday, and did weights both days. Thighs = not grateful (but they will be.... one day...). So only treadmill and cycle machine this morning. I couldnt push it at all, couldnt run on the treadmill. Its not a bad pain, more muscle tightness than anything which should mean that i'm growing some muscles down there :). More weight training tomorro. It'll be 3 weeks down this Friday - if i only ate better i think i would lose weight, but at the moment with the stress of moving i need my chocolate!!

I had to explain to someone last night why i like to watch The Biggest Loser - or the Boombahs as i call it (being overweight i can say that - you skinny people cant!). They were horrified because they thought it meant i liked reality TV. Uh-uh. Its motivation to see what these people can do, simply by putting one foot in front of the other and getting some exercise. I can see them lose weight, each week - its motivation for me, even if i hate the format, and find some of the people inane. I can feel the results at the moment - my clothes fit the same, but i dont get puffed so easily. I can power walk to the train station and not be out of breath. I can run up the stairs at Newtown station and not feel shaky (just out of breath). YAY! Next step - to cut the cr@p out of my diet so i will lose the weight to match my better feeling insides.

Knitting Content - Plodding along with the $1.50, Isabella keeps distracting me. I think i'll take it to work on when i go camping this weekend (Easter). And the Branching Out Scarf. While cleaning out the stash room in preparation for the move, i found the Vogue Knitting Bolero i put aside in disgust at the instructions and have to frog back about 5 rows in pattern. Blah. Better bring that with me too i spose. I'll post some pics tomorro - catch yas!

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missfee said...

thanks for the sock tip - do want any grey alpaca?

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