Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Whats this...

Someone asked me why is my blog SLAK.
I dont want to go on a rant, but some things really get me stirred up (even though most of y'all will know i'm pretty easy going). Apologies for speeling errors ;). And i doubt any of you will have heard me talk about this stuff anyway.

-Knitting and handcrafts. Just because they are typically female historied (in current society i'm talking about, not the distant past) it doesnt make them 'art'. A woman can spend 12 months or more on a quilt, using tonal variations, putting blood sweat and tears into it and it will always be a handcraft. Who gets to say what is art and what is craft? No-one has the right to say my art is craft and vice versa besides me. Craft is not a dirty word.

- Male priviledge. 60% of artists are women, yet their work makes up only approx 20% of what is shown in major galleries (Source - my Art Critiscm and History teacher back in Perth. Cant remember which publication, but check out here They also consistently are paid less per piece than men. This is what inspired a group of us back in Perth to take male or gender-nondescript names to exhibit under. Thats where Bex comes from.

As long as people are OK with a conservative white male run society (heaven forbid interest rates will go up if we get someone else to rule our lives) nothings going to change. For as much as feminism has come far, there are further strides to go. By empowering the disadvantaged, the poor and the minorities we will create equality. I dont mean to save the world, the most i can do is be aware, and not take the lazy option of pretending its all ok bacause fighting is too hard.

Its not ok. Thats why i make things - i enjoy crafting because its not what the stereotype dyke does. I like making my own things because they have a piece of me in them (sometimes literally LOL) and didnt come from some soul-less slave made factory in a third world country. I beat the system. I listen to hard rock because it makes me angry - angry enough to fight off the lethargy that slowly creeps up on you.

The old boys club is not OK. Ok, i've had enough and am not making sense now, so i'm going off to knit something and gather my thoughts for tomorrow. ;)


Lara said...

Yay! So good to see young women fighting for equality, instead of pretending everything is ok, that the war has been won. Drives me nuts.

Go Bex!

Bex said...


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