Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yep rarrrr!
As Le Tigre said, "We have equal rights on Ladies Night".

So many things are just not OK. Like walking down the street and looking at a girl and thinking "wow she could have done her hair better, thats a designer knock off bag etc etc". Why am i thinking these things? Its not OK. It doesnt affect me personally, so why do i care? Because society and marketing tell me i should. Someones outsides do not reflect their insides. Society is also telling that poor girl she's gotta look like a barbie to be accepted, to be pretty, to be loved. So she spends all her money and time getting the hair, the car, the life to what end? What will her life be worth when she dies - what can she say shes truly accomplished? Western society is a vacuum.

Excersize Blog - I ran again. (I didnt go to the gym yesterday because of a pizza blow out the night before). But this time, i ran on 10.0 speed. Thats like super-fast-chest-pain-inducing speed for me. Normally if i run, its on 8.3. So whoo-hoo! (And i'm on a gym kick for my health - not to be a barbie either hehehe)

Knitting content - about 1/3 finished on the 2nd front of the $1.50 cardigan. I'm gonna put it down and work on the Monkey socks for a bit though.

My sister has decided she wanted Isabella for her birthday in July. I managed to score the last 5 balls i could find anywhere of Heirloom Cotton 4ply in mid purple - everything else in my price range is kiddies pastel. For $18 including postage from Ozeyarn i'm very happy, except about the prospect of knitting the whole thing on 3mm needles. Thats not happy Jan. But i really want to knit this for myself in black, with long sleeves so i guess its a good way to check out the pattern as well. As soon as i finish the socks i'll cast on i think. Maybe.
I'm also waiting to hear from my Secret Pal to see if they got the postcard i sent - once i've heard, i'll send them the Victorian Lace Today book i got for them :).

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TiNK said...

YAY! Birthday present! Thanks Bex... - Ur sis

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