Sunday, March 11, 2007

Film Review + Weekendedness

I love Autumn. Its 100% my favourite time of the year. Although its not really swinging into Autumn yet, we are having really nice cooler days so I can kinda pretend. I love walking home from the train station after being cooped up in a hermetically sealed office building all day, with a bit of a cool wind blowing. You know the kind, its got that slight edge of coldness to it. LURVE!
It also makes me want to knit up a million different things to keep me warm for the impending winter.... ;)

Knitting Update: Thermal has finally finished sulking in the corner, and has decided to behave (for now). I frogged back my delightful moebius strip, and 2 hours later had re-cast on and had 2 rows down. I have triple checked it to make sure no twisty-ness this time.

Dollar and a Half is coming along nicely, i wasnt sure about the Alpaca but i'm kinda liking it - its so soft and hairy. Lara from the Courthouse SnB convinced me as well!

I realised that I have 3 WIPs that really need some work - the Boi's anniversary socks (its one year this Sunday, my Slytherin Vest and the bolero from Vogue Knitting Winter 06 (in prev posts).

Knitting guild was fun - must remember i gotta bring the snacks next time... ;)

Saturday night we went and saw The Black Dahlia at the Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park with a bunch of friends - free ticket crazyness! Food was yummy (everyone voted my fried lavash bread with cumin salt a winner - w00t!) and it was fun to hang out. The movie itself was so-so. We spent most if it trying to pick who the actors were (i.e. the crazy rich mum was played by the same actor who plays Harry Potter's evil aunt! LOL). Drool Drool KD Lang was singing in the lesbian club surrounded by scantily clad girlies! That was the best bit of the movie i think. I tried to take some photos, but it was a bit dark...
Overall, i wouldnt pay to see the movie, wait for it on TV. The story line was too complex to stick into 120mins, and it kept jumping around too much. The costumes were lovely though.

Oh a bat peed on me. Yep. It flew over, i felt something on my jeans. It was bat pee.
I would also like to rant about the stuck up north shore girls sitting in front of me if i may. I am not male. I am not taken in by your winsome smiles as you try and ram your bean bag lounger under my beach chair, and then act suprised when i explain that it makes it nearly impossible for me to enjoy the movie. I did not think your weak attempt at sarcasm was funny (and neither did the Boi..."Dont call ME sweetheart, sweetheart"). Using my leg as a prop to stop your bean bag moving was not comfortable, no matter how many times you told me i was "alright". I wasnt, which is why i asked you to move it. (not that they would ever read this. i am hearing "Whats a blog?")

Here is a bad photo of the Boi, Jai and Benji the Wonderdog.... ;) (Right to left)


Lara said...

mmmm... Alpaca.....

motleycruiser said...

I found your blog thru craftster & I had to post on a fellow crafty subversive, tattoo loving, boi loving, rockabilly femmes blog.....and here I thought I was the only one. Great work on your projects!

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