Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An easy FO

YAY! After working so hard on the back of the cardigan, i needed some instant gratification. It came in the form of the Anthropologie Capelet by julsey723. It took about 6 hours of intense knitting, over 2 days. And my hair is actually light red, its just the picture.

It took about 1.5 balls of Shadow Tweed, a new yarn from Patons. The colours are so much yummier in real life... These pics were taken on my camera phone because the Boi is at the 'shram. Anyhoo, the only mods i made was to add some short rows in the back to make it longer there, and some length on the arms. I was debating whether to make it long sleeved. I may go back and buy some more ST in a different colour and make a long sleeved one i can button up down the front. Not sure yet....

Overall, love the yarn. Soft, lofty and great colours! The pattern was the easiest thing ever. All up i give it a 8/10.... ;)
UPDATED: Here is what the yarn looks like (click to see big)

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Knittingboykit said...

love the capelet...and the razor!

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