Sunday, February 25, 2007


My Thermal is a moebius strip!!!!

I checked and double checked to make sure that i didnt twist the stitches, but i did.... *sob*. So the 2 inches of Thermal is sitting in the corner, looking at me. Its eyeing me up and down, saying, "C'mon, do me baby. Frog me - i dare ya!". I dont normally take attitude from knitting - but i'm afraid. It took me so long to wind the skeins (3 days) from my 200g balls of baby wool, and a further 2 days to dye them all to a matching colour. Then i had to let them dry (another 2 days) before untangling them and winding them into balls (still going on that one - there were 15 skeins and i've done 5 so far).

Now, after 3 days of knitting to get to 2 inches, i have to frog it. I want to cry. I grabbed a 200g ball of black soft alpaca and began to wind it on my ball-winder... meditative. Then i realised that its the yarn i want to use for the Dollar and Half Cardigan.... so as punishment to the Thermal., sitting there, glaring at me - i cast on for this cardy. I sat in front of Thermal, and stared back. I gave it the evil eye - "See?? See?? This is what happens to naughty knitting. You have to sit there and WAIT until i finish this cardigan now. If you had behaved in the beginning it would have been fine - but no......".

I'm not crazy, really.

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M-H said...

Bad luck Bex. I hate it when that happens. And Happy Birthday!

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