Thursday, November 23, 2006

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern for ya'll

This lovely dress is from Sunbeam Knitting - 1940... click on the photo for a larger picture, and the instructions for the larger version. Its sized for a 32-34inch bust. Enjoy!

(Please do not steal this pattern and post it as your own - i scanned it, and tweaked it etc to make it more visible. It took some work, and i'd appreciate if you'd at least say you got if from me).

Puppies + Knitting = Too Cute!

OMG! I just bought these Xmasoltice cards because of the cuteness contained on the front!
Knitted Hats! On Puppies! And one is trying to steal the other ones hat! Awwwwwww.....
On my knitting side - I have finished the first of my boi's socks, and am up to turning the heel on the other one.
My sisters vest is currently 13inches long, another inch or so and I can start the arm holes - finally!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ahhh deadlines

Can anything be better for forcing you to finish UFOs??

My Boi is about to go in for major surgery (well, on 1 December) and i wanted to make something special for hym. SOCKS! Of course i cried! That would be perfect. Except I suffer from Secondsockitis - the inability to finish the second sock. I will overcome this problem i promise.

Well, here is the first sock i'm working on - i had it up to the cast off point, but it was a bit tight on the Boi.... so frogg frogg frogg.

The yarn is handspun-handdyed cashmere/wool blend (its so lush, and $20 for a ball - enough to make a pair of socks easy). Its called Moonlight, the colours are purple, grey and teal and its so lovely - i have to plug The Knittery for this one!
If anyone is wondering, the pattern is the Lichen sock out of Vintage Knitted Socks by Nancy Bush. Just a basic ribbed sock.

A little side note. This sock has so far cost me 4 bamboo needles, which gave their lives so that I may finish this item. 2 needles died proudly, crushed to death by 100 bags in the cargo hold of an airplane. 1 needle was awarded the purple heart for being sat upon. And the last needle was kicked to death (by accident) by my himbo boifriend (well, not really a himbo i guess :D).

This means however, I have had to put my sisters vest aside to power through this and the next sock. I was so happy with myself - 8 inches down, 6 more until I divide the front and back for the armholes. And i just got my Addi Turbos in the mail - they are so great. I didnt realise how much of a difference they make!

More incentive to finish the socks i guess.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The perils of gauge.... or how i nearly did a bad bad thing...

It was too much. The yarn called me. The pattern spoke to me. I had to cast on for the Something Red cardigan.
I knit my gauge, did my calculations and cast on for a bigger size (my guage being smaller).

After knitting a couple of rows I wasnt happy with the tension and was about to frogg it out WHEN.... i realised my calculations were based on 4inches = 20cm. WTF?? 4in = 10cm.... how did I do that? I thank the Universe for letting my tension be too loose, otherwise I could have kept going and ended up with something very unwearable!

I have also found out that one of my friends back in Perth is pregnant! WOOHOO! FINALLY, someone to make baby clothes for. I'm not clucky (honest) im the last grrl in the world who wants kids, but i luuurve making baby stuff. So I have this nasty ackrylic (in white, yellow and orange) and i'm crocheting up a blankie for her already - the baby isnt due til April. I'm hoping that if i run the blanket thru my washing machine with conditioner it'll soften up and be nice - if not i'll donate it to the Sydney Dogs Home.
The colours are a lot more bright than this pic though - its just a chain of 75 or so stitches, with a HDC to the end, turn, repeat. When its done, i'm going to crochet a border around the edges but i'm not sure what colour?? Any suggestions?? Maybe yellow - the orange will be very hard to match....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

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My life so far...

Well, after getting back from an interesting time in Western Australia (read, great to see down south, bad to have my ex girlfriend abuse me!) i thought i had better knuckle down and do some proper knitting.
I took 2 socks and one vest with me, and didnt finish anything!
I guess now that my ex no longer wants to even be friends, its one less pair of socks i need to make by Xmas - always look on the bright side of life :D.

I'm currently this far into Knitty's Leftovers Vest for my sister - who wants plain black so the stockinette is KILLING me. Its knitted on Bendigo Mills 'Harmony', which is 20% wool, 79%cotton and 1% elastane. Because of the stretch I have had to go down to 3.75mm needles to get a fabric that isnt too loose. (i've just ordered some Addi Turbos for this vest, the yarn really doesnt like bamboo).
The picture is taken at work so sorry about the wonky background.
I've just realised, this is the biggest complete garment I will have ever made - i've done bags, hats, socks, scarves and baby booties but have yet to finish a big garmet - yay!

So of course, now i feel pumped to make something for myself. My stash is full of bags of yarn, which contain enough to make a jumper/cardigan whatever. Not to mention the giant head-sized balls from Bendigo Mills....
Then I saw 'Something Red' by Wendy at Knit and Tonic. I am in lurve! It looks like this, but imagine the long sleeved version, in black alpaca, with a cute red button on the front (and different increases at the raglan shoulders - i dont like the holes).

I think I will cast on for it in the next few days.....
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