Thursday, July 27, 2006

Guilt has a purpose!

After making a list of WIPs, i put my butt into gear and finished off two niggling ones - a scarf and baby booties.
Only small, but i feel better - only a crochet shrug and a pair of socks and my needles are clear (i hope!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stuff i've made - since i've lost my knitting history online!

This is the Punk Rock backpack from Stitch n B*tch. Loved it!
It was very easy - if time consuming.

Next, Urban Rustic gloves from Knitty. I used Silkgarden, and am happy with the results, except they are quite thick between the fingers. Not sure whether I will wear them or not....

And finally, my skull bag. I used the skull images from Stitch and B*tch Nation, but the bag pattern is my own!

I've decided that if i list all my WIPs, it might encourage me to finish some of them.
What I am working on at the moment:
- Baby booties for work colleague (2/3 finished), in purple Zara cashmerino
- Easy shrug for my sister, in pale blue Zhiavago (85% finished, but am thinking to frog it and try crochet instead)
- Baby booties for my sister, and possible a matching beanie in some cheapo cotton-like stuff
- Ribbed socks for the Boi, in Four Seasons self striping orange colourway. (About 3inches of the first sock)
- Rectangular beanie, with a skull fairisle (based on Beltane Flame from The Anti Craft and using the skull chart from Hello Yarns). Nearly complete, and have just realised it wont fit my boof head.

Then I have the planned stash WIPs (have the stash, but not cast on yet)
- Apple green jumper from Cleckheaton, using a really inappropriate Venice yarn from Lincraft. I just really fell for the yarn in a big way, and had to use it for something. I think it will work, i really like the yarn overs on the bodice.
- Vest with skull on the front (pattern from DomiKNITrix)- Raglan jumper with hood, with cats ears on the hood and intarsia mini skulls on the chest.
- Socks for my ex-girlfriend, cos i know she'd like them.
- Crochet bag?shrug? not sure for my mum for her birthday
- As above for my friend for her birthday

WHEW. And thats just off the top of my head.....

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