Thursday, November 23, 2006

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern for ya'll

This lovely dress is from Sunbeam Knitting - 1940... click on the photo for a larger picture, and the instructions for the larger version. Its sized for a 32-34inch bust. Enjoy!

(Please do not steal this pattern and post it as your own - i scanned it, and tweaked it etc to make it more visible. It took some work, and i'd appreciate if you'd at least say you got if from me).


Glaistig said...

Thanks! [runs off the print and file in Knitting pattern binder].

Cro-knit Monkey said...

Thanks so much! I love hording vintage patterns like this!

ScotSkipper said...

What a stunner! One has no intentions of knitting this -- but it would translate into a sewing pattern with some major tweakage.

The shirring on the bodice and sleeves. To die for!


magnusmog said...

this is great - I love doing the scaning and tweaking but the UK copyright is sooo tricky that I've never been able to clear anything :)

smartygirl said...

that is wonderful!

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