Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A lace paneled cardigan, c. 1950s (Twinprufe Spring Lace Knitting Book 167)

Even though it's starting to heat up down here in the Southern Hemisphere, it doesnt mean you have to stop knitting.

At least, it didn't stop them 50 years ago~!
Twinprufe put out a series of Spring Knits, and this little cardigan looks adorable - even if it's knitted in a not-so-Spring-friendly wool.
At least it's a light fingering weight.

free vintage knitting patterns 1950s cardigan twinprufe spring subversive femme

The cardigan has some great lace panels down the body and sleeve, plus the button band and sleeves are hemmed - no stretching or ribbing to worry about.

To fit: 32-34-36 inch busts
Yarn: Light Fingering weight (3ply)
Needles: 2.75mm and 2mm (ouch)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Free Knitting Pattern: 1940's Novelty Seahorse Jacket (Home Budget 1948)

I can't get over how amazing this cardigan-jacket is!

free vintage knitting patterns 1940s cardigan australian cotton sweater home budget 1948 donna reed

Seahorses with sequin bubbles coming out of their mouths!

I would wear this everyday until it fell apart. The details are fabulous:
- wavy edge trim
- strong 1940's shoulders
- nipped waist

The lovely cover model is Donna Reed, and I love their colour combination of pale pink with green felt seahorses.

Australian Home Budget was very similar to Women's Weekly and this pattern is from May 1948.

To Fit: 34 and 36 inch busts
Yarn: Astor Duchess (fingering weight cotton)
Needles: 3.25mm or 3.75mm

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Free Pattern: Pagliacci Jumper in two sizes, Patons Knitting Book No. 274 (c. 1950s)

Hi guys!

I just realised I hadn't shared a pattern with you in ages - my apologies.

My fingers have been itching for some textured knits lately, and this jumper from Patons No.274 looks deliciously textured!

free vintage knitting pattern 1950s 1940s cable jumper sweater

Even better, it's sized for 32-33 inch busts and 35-36 inch busts.
Options for long sleeves are also included.

I hope you enjoy it!

Needles: 3.25mm and 2.75mm
Yarn: Fingering weight

Monday, October 26, 2015

Camperdown Cruise 2015

Another Cruise over, and once again we had a ball (thanks Arthur!).

This year we were lucky enough to share a house in Camperdown with some friends - which means shenanigans of course!

Bruce and Mel are dance teachers (SwingOut Sydney) which also meant I got to inflict my beginner dance moves (as a lead) on them and not worry too much.

We didn't do much site-seeing this year (only a quick shopping trip to Warrnambool) but no visit to Camperdown is complete without a drive to the top of Mount Leura to see the view across the shire.

We got there just as the weather turned and it was freezing and blowing a gale!

But of course, everyone comes for the bands and music...

And my treasures that I found this year?
How about this little piece of Australiana - a crocheted koala bottle holder, complete with little claws!

I didn't find as much as last year - my favourite dealers weren't here for some reason - but I did get some amazing finds from the two op-shops (thrift stores) in town.

Remix shoes, an atomic bamboo fruit basket, straw tiki lamp (for my bedroom), vintage fabric and zips, and heaps of sewing patterns.

My favourite finds do have to be the fabric - a 1940s burgundy rayon crepe, and a 1950s atomic polished cotton (5m and 6m lengths, crazy!). On the way home we stopped into Colac and I found the Sunbeam bias binding too, still in their packets.

I hope you crazy cats had a great weekend too!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

FO: Majorette Border Print Dress (Vogue 8789, c.1957)

Have you ever had fabric that was crying out to be sewn up?
This Majorette fabric haunted me from the shelf in my sewing room until I did something with it.

miss l fire harlow 1950s novelty print dress green majorette plus xl bakelite

The pattern I eventually went with was Vogue 8789 view A - only because I wanted to use part of the border print across the neckline.

I'll be honest, I wasn't very happy with the fit of this (similar to when I made View B last year) - it took a lot of tweaking to get the fit right. I don't think I would use this pattern again.

I am really happy with how the belt turned out though - using a proper belt kit from the 60s.

  • Small sway-back adjustment
  • Deepened the darts on the back neck
  • Shortened the under bust darts to avoid pointy boob
  • Added darts on the front neckline - there's no way this thing was laying flat!
  • Hand pleated skirt instead of gathers
  • Bust 16, graded out to 20 waist.
 Probably the most annoying mod was having to rework the neckline multiple times to get it to lay flat. Not sure how it was ever supposed to look like the pattern image!

Overall, I can't wait to wear this during summer! Green is one of my favourite colours and it's really easy to match bakelite to the colours in dress :).

Dress - Vogue 8789
Bakelite bangles - Etsy
Bamboo Bag - Southern Antiques Centre
Brooch - eBay
Shoes - Miss L Fire Harlow

Monday, September 21, 2015

Free Knitting Pattern: Smart Striped Jumper from Stitchcraft July-Aug 1948

A By-Request pattern for Sandflies on Ravelry (yep, I do take requests!) who was after this particular pattern from StitchCraft Magazine, July-August 1948.

This cute little cardigan has some great matched stripes going on - I love the way they wrap around the chest and across the upper arms.

The colour combination is pretty fantastic too!

stitchcraft magazine free knitting pattern 1940s 1950s

A cute collar matches well with the multitude of buttons down the front - something was very flashy after the war-standards of minimal buttons a few years ago.

To fit: 32-34 inch bust
Yarn: fingering
Needles: 2.75mm and 3.25mm

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rock and Roll Markets and a sneaky hat fix.

This month's Rock and Roll Markets was meant to be a vintage showcase, which meant frocking up (more than normal).

miss l fire betty white 1940s lucite wicker handbag rayon dress plus size xl large

I wore a 1940's rayon day dress, with contrast collar and cuffs - it was pretty hot today and a good breathable choice. (I can't wear the big skirts and petticoats when I'm dancing, they make me feel like a hot and sweaty meringue).

Obligatory brooch close up of my 1940's carved lucite bow - I'm so worried about losing one of the bakelite berry balls as they're still on the original string.

'Frocking up' (to me) means wearing a hat, but I suffer from a lack of hats in my life. They're hard to dance in, and I don't trust that I can pick ones that suit my face.

But what of the sneaky hat fix?
I found the 1950s straw number for super cheap at a sale, and couldn't pass up on a bargain - the only problem is that it was very damaged around the brim.

It's been sitting with my other hats for over a year, waiting for a better life and now seemed like a good time.

I carefully steamed some velvet in ribbon in half and clipped it to the brim.

Run some gather stitches around the edges (to fit the ribbon the curve better) and then stitched down.

Viola! A new life for an old hat.

It wouldn't be the Rock and Roll Markets without some rock and roll dancing - I didn't realise Jakk was taking sneaky pictures until I got home!

And Strollin with some of the Sydney vintage crew, of course...

Another good weekend over, and I'm looking forward to the next markets in November.

Shoes - Miss L Fire Betty
Dress - 1940's Rayon, Etsy
Lucite Brooch - eBay
Wicker and Lucite Bag - eBay
Bakelite Bangles - Etsy
Sunglasses - Random shop in Long Beach, CA
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